Monday, 5 December 2016

Cinema & Munch

I took you and Ed to see Trolls at the cinema today and then to McD's for some lunch. You told me the other night that you had your first crush! He really makes you laugh and you love him. We had a long chat about how boy's can get a bit funny if they think someone "loves" them and that it's best to keep things as "Mates" plus that you are way too young to be falling in love!! I have an awful feeling you are going to get your little heart broken and he won't even know he's done it as boys at this age are usually oblivious to this type of thing.

I will cross my toes and fingers that it doesn't happen and that if it does your heart will mend quickly. I will of course be right there to give you healing cuddles as I know when my heart hurts, cuddles from my Mum make everything a little easier. Even as a grown up I always want my Mum when I'm sad and a cuddle from her always makes things a little better.

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