Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Welcome to our home!!!

So you were asking me the other day how come an Elf doesn't come to our house and do magic things. I tried to explain that different things happen in different households and some children get really naughty elves, some get cheeky ones, some get very good ones and some don't have elves visit at all. I explained that you had been chosen by Santa for 2 years running to go to Lapland and help him and his elves make the toys for all the good children and that not everyone gets to do that and you understood and were very good about it all. THEN!!!!!! When we got home from school tonight, there was an ELF!!! Sitting on our tree! With an invitation to go and visit Santa AGAIN as you had been so good!! She is a cute little Elf and you have named her Ella! She obviously heard your questions and knew how much you wanted an Elf to live in our home! I do hope she is a good Elf, I don't mind a cheeky one but I REALLY hope she isn't a naughty one!!!

To say you are excited is a total understatement! You have been jumping up and down like a loon all night! AND to top it all off, Santa has also invited your best friend Skye to come to Lapland with you!!!!! How flipping cool is that!!!!!!!

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